We are a construction services, a turn key solution company, that will handle most if not all necessary actions in time of a disaster.
-Simply put, we are a construction management company and we repair building.
From roofs to interior finishes.
-If dealing with an insurance company we handle most if not, all actions that are necessary to help you maximize your benefits.
Based from a strong construction background, combined with a well versed arrchitectural design team and insruance experts, we can strategize, explore revenues and deliver sound results that no other companies can conceive We reduce building's owner's capital expenses by Maximizing unclaimed benefits. When a claim is filed, most owners only react to the
immediate problems, not addressing all damage that may have occurred. We are here to ensure that when a claim has been filed, we will look at all the angles and verigy we do not leave any repairs to the buildings maintenance deprtment that should have been covered under the claim. This process saved building owners capital and maintenance budgets for other projects.
-We have a great standing with the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ Rating
-We were established in 1971 and have provided over 40 years of dedicated service
-With our well versed and very experienced staff we can design a solution for your need today!
Have you filed an insurance claim?
We can prove we are the best and have the numbers to prove it!
CaseFromUp to
1. United Methodist Insurance$1,450.00$787,660.00
2. Central Insurance$45,138.00 $101,840.00
3. Liberty Mutual Insurance$27,289.00$89,667..00
4. Greater American Insurance$76,034.00$680,000
5. USAA Insurance$28,151.0 $63,241.00
6. Allstate Insurance$8,151.00$36,191.00
7. Farmers Insurance$3,562.00$34,484.00
8. Travelers Insurance$12,01.00$37,963.00
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1222 E. Yandell #3
El Paso, TX 79902

Monday to Friday: 8AM to 5PM
Saturday: 10AM to 7PM
Sunday: Closed
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